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Making ART | Episode 8: Kristin Bentley

Please join The New Phoenix Theatre as we walk down memory lane. As we continue to plan for next steps with the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are sharing testimonials from the amazing artists who emblazoned their imprint on our stage. We hope with all our hearts to be back with you soon.

For now, here is a message from Kristin Bentley:

“We were extremely fortunate in 2013 when we ambitiously decided to start a new theatre company, Second Generation Theatre, that Richard Lambert was so kind and generous to open his doors to us. We had lofty ideas and not only did he give us a home, but advice, access to his storage, and a place to start. Absolutely invaluable! Our first production, “Into The Woods,” premiered there in June 2013. We spent our first two years in that very special space where we produced both large musicals and small plays. We loved the intimate yet highly flexible space. Eclectic, historical and unique.

There is no doubt that we would not be where we are today without Richard and The New Phoenix Theatre on the Park. A true Buffalo gem.



Coming soon, Episode 9: Philip Knoerzer

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