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MAKING ART | EPISODE 4: Michael D. Klemm, Graphic Artist

Please join The New Phoenix Theatre as we walk down memory lane. As we continue to plan for next steps with the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are sharing testimonials from the amazing artists who emblazoned their imprint on our stage. We hope with all our hearts to be back with you soon.

For now, here is a message from Michael D. Klemm:

“For me, the names Richard Lambert and The New Phoenix Theatre on the Park are synonymous!

I have seen first-hand, as a board member and as a guest performer, the artistic contributions Richard and the New Phoenix have made and continue to make in our community. Richard and the New Phoenix have fostered and promoted high quality talent, bringing new performers and well-established artists together for the sake of audiences that applaud with standing ovations.

There was certainly no lack of creativity at The New Phoenix these past two decades. Not to mention talent. Many local actors and directors got their start at the humble Phoenix. I designed their posters and playbills for almost 20 years and witnessed the theater’s growth firsthand. My artwork was featured in “Trophy Wife”.

Did I say creativity? How about “Organic Movement of The Chair and Pitcher” which was performed behind a curtain while the audience watched the action reflected in gilded mirrors? Or transforming the seating area into a union hall for “Waiting for Lefty,” complete with a table of coffee and donuts for the audience? Or a village square in “Inherit the Wind?” And don’t forget Franklin LaVoie’s puppets.

There were original works performed at The New Phoenix, along with edgy new plays and the classics. A few of my highlights? Kelly Bocock-Natale’s brilliant staging in the round of “The Scottish Play” with Brian Riggs. Stephen Dolginoff’s musical “Thrill Me” starring the playwright, reprising the role he created on stage. Loraine O’Donnell as Dusty Springfield. Richard and Lisa Ludwig in “The Blue Room.” Josephine Hogan as Vivien Leigh. Before this gets too long, a few favorites in no particular order: “Of Mice And Men,” “Peter Pan,” “In The Next Room,” “The Pillowman,” “The Beauty Queen of Leenane,” “Fool For Love,” “The Seafarer.”

A lot of magic was created at The New Phoenix. And it can only continue”.

Michael Klemm

Coming soon, Episode 5: Kurt Schneiderman

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